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Uncomfortable home? Sometimes it’s not the furnace or air conditioner.

Often when we think of our home comfort, we focus on the idea that the heating or cooling system is the major factor. Or, we might think of our thermostats as a key to being comfortable at home.

Unfortunately, in our business of making your home and family comfortable year-round, the team at Central Cooling have found that not all obstacles can be overcome by technology alone.

As an extreme example, if you were to leave your windows open your heating or cooling system would not be able to compensate for the outside air flowing into your home. Your system is sized to keep a certain area comfortable — matching your home’s dimensions — and isn’t prepared to anticipate the task of dealing with intruding weather from the outside.

While not as drastic, a similar burden is put on your system if your home is not properly insulated. Air seeps in through windows, doors, walls, the attic, and all sorts of odd places like pipes, wiring and vents. So while you might wonder why your thermostat is not keeping that one room in your home at the correct temperature, it’s more likely caused by one or more of these leaks.

When your system is forced to overcompensate in an attempt to fix the issue, it not only taxes your heating or air conditioning system but it is also very costly. According to the U.S. energy department, here in Greater Boston your utility bill can be up to 20% higher if your home isn’t properly insulated. Not to mention, this energy usage is also detrimental to the environment.

Taking simple steps such as weatherstripping can make a world of difference in making your home comfortable, saving money, and protecting the environment. However, we do recommend that you consider further steps.

At Central Cooling, we have a division of our company that specializes in helping homeowners figure out exactly where heated or cool air is escaping their homes, and how best to alleviate that condition. It’s called Central Home Energy Experts.

At Central Home Energy, our trained and certified energy auditors will make a visit to your home and use sophisticated technology to determine where air is leaking from your home. Sometimes they’ll find that stale air is not recirculating, which isn’t good either. Then our experts will make recommendations, with cost estimates and with no pressure, for you to evaluate at your leisure.

Quite often, our recommendation is to have a home properly insulated. Let’s face it: most homes are not, even if recently built. Proper insulation saves money in energy bills, keeps your family comfortable, and makes your home more quiet — not just from the noisy outdoor world, but as  sound-proofing to reduce inside noise from humans, their electronics, and the many machines that keep our homes running.

Other recommendations may be to address indoor air quality issues, or to seal the ducts that deliver air throughout your home, or to re-tune your heating/cooling system to match the size of your home. At Central Home Energy we will walk you through the entire process. You’ll have all the facts and an expert by your side throughout the entire process. We wouldn’t let you take a chance with your comfort, and we are dedicated to creating the best experience for you as possible before, during, and after installation.

Give us a call or shoot an email to one of our knowledgeable associates to get started. We’re happy to answer your questions and there’s no commitment. At Central Cooling — and at Central Home Energy Experts — we’re confident that our service is the best.