They Don’t Just “Heat” — and They Don’t REALLY “Pump” EITHER!  Yes, you read that tongue-twister of a title correctly! Heat pumps

At Central Cooling & Heating, we install state-of-the-art emergency standby generators One will keep your modern amenities up and running despite the weather, nearby construction, or any other cause of power loss.

All about Mass Save’s new heat pump rebate program. Purchasing a heating and/or cooling system for your home is a significant investment. Since most of us

Yes, it’s been another hot summer. We sure are grateful for those times when we can be in a nicely cooled inside

Many of our customers have air conditioning or heat pump systems that are powered by a gas called HFCF-22, more commonly known

Improving home indoor air quality (IAQ) is a less-than-obvious piece of the puzzle to keeping your family healthy.  Covid -19 has been the

(Hint: we each have ten of them) This past Sunday, when Tom Brady took to the Super Bowl field for the 10th