It’s August! Why think now about your home’s heating system?

Yes, it’s been another hot summer. We sure are grateful for those times when we can be in a nicely cooled inside space. Winter seems so far away, doesn’t it?

Or, maybe not. Next month is September, and we all know how that month can bring us night-time temperatures that call for a bit of heating. And then: October, when it can be downright chilly. And it only gets colder after that.

With this in mind we’d like to gently suggest that there might be one little thing to add to this summer’s to-do list: make arrangements now for a check of your heating system. Or, if you suspect your system isn’t as efficient or quiet or comfortable as it should be, ask us about the possibility of a replacement furnace, boiler or heat pump for your home.

Here at Central Cooling & Heating, September and October brings us a flood of phone calls and e-mails with requests to schedule a heating system tune-up or consultation. And yet August is a relatively quiet month for our service and installation teams. If you want to get an appointment at the day and time that works best for you, now’s the time to schedule! You won’t want to wait until the first cold spell of winter to find out your heating system isn’t working, that’s for sure.

For optimum service, we suggest you enroll in one of our Priority Service Plans. Not only will your system receive the service it needs on a regular basis, you are placed at the head of the line for any emergency calls. Read more about our Priority Service Plans.
If your air conditioning system is located in an attic, we strongly recommend that you ask us to freeze-proof your attic A/C drains. Over time, tiny leaks can form in pipes located where temperatures rise and fall, and eventually they may give way — if they are not protected.

Whatever your heating and/or air conditioning system, when you schedule early we can promise that our staff can respond quickly to check your system, service it, and, if needed, help you consider a new furnace, boiler, or heat pump. If you need a new heating system, you’ll be able to take advantage of some very attractive rebate programs for one of the many high-efficiency systems available to our customers.

The Carrier Infinity® 98 Gas Furnace With Greenspeed™ Intelligence, for example, is a favorite. This particular system makes tiny, one percent adjustments from 40-100% capacity, which gives the home only the amount of heating necessary. Its unique ability to operate in this way makes it incredibly energy efficient and ENERGY STAR® certified. It provides not only premium energy savings but also superior humidity control and comfort. We offer rebates for this product up to $450!
If your home is better suited for a heat pump, we recommend taking a peek at the Carrier Infinity® 24 Heat Pump With Greenspeed® Intelligence. This system is ridiculously efficient as well and highly advanced. Not only that, but it’s extremely quiet and comes with many premium comfort features. If that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, we also have rebates for this item up to $800!

However, we should mention, we will always find the best product for your home and budget, so don’t be afraid to ask any and all questions. Our consultants are here for you.

In the interim, enjoy these balmy days. We hope to hear from you soon!