From our company’s founding over 50 years ago, the installation and maintenance of central air systems has been our speciality. 

We install Carrier air conditioning systems — the world’s finest. But we service and repair air conditioning units from all manufacturers. Learn more about our central air conditioning systems.

Ductless systems — also called mini-splits — have become wildly popular in recent years. Why? Because they’re inexpensive to install and operate, and are capable of both cooling and heating for entire homes — or only for specific rooms, attics, basements or outbuildings.

We choose to install ductless systems from the industry leader: Mitsubishi Electric. Learn more.

Uneven inside temperatures, noisy operation or high energy bills? That sounds like a problem the team at Central Cooling would love to solve!

Let us bring your furnace or gas boiler to it’s best operating level — or help you determine whether a new furnace or boiler might be right for your home. Learn more.

One of the things we have all learned in recent times is the importance of healthy air for your family.  Clean air is no longer a concern only for those with allergies or asthma.

Central Cooling represents the companies at the forefront of air quality: Carrier, iWave, Halo, Aprilaire.  Learn more.

When your neighborhood loses power — no matter the reason — your emergency standby generator kicks on automatically and continues running until electricity has been restored.

We install and service high-quality Generac Automatic Home Standby Generators.  Learn more.


For true peace of mind year-round, we strongly consider that our customers sign up for an annual Service Plan. Why?

• Go to the head of the line.
• Save money while maximizing your family’s comfort.
Visit our Priority Service Plans webpage. If you have any questions, call our home comfort specialists at 781 933 8288 and they’ll be pleased to provide all the details.