Replace or Repair?

The upcoming winter can be a burdensome load for your home’s heating system. Is yours up to the task? For a homeowner who doesn’t happen to work in our industry, it can be hard to tell if their system is running efficiently — or headed for an inopportune breakdown. Our customers constantly ask us: “Should …

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Our company’s history

Recently, our company celebrated it’s 50th anniversary. All of us in the Central Cooling “family” realize what a big milestone this is, and we’re thankful to our founders Doug and Carol Hamilton and to all the people who have helped our company becomes a success. Wondering how Central Cooling got started? Here’s a brief history: …

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What’s that noise?

At some point all of us are guilty of procrastination. With the endless responsibilities of the holiday season we’re even more likely to think, “I’ll deal with that later.” Well, later has arrived and now that New England is experiencing a serious bout of cold weather you might be thinking, “I should have scheduled that tune-up on …

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