“Upfront” pricing: The fairest deal

At Central, we love our team of service technicians. Before they even come to work for us they are carefully screened for honesty, integrity and a drug-free lifestyle. They are the best-trained in the industry and undergo constant training — either in-house or at our manufacturer’s training facilities.

Yet, they do have to contend with many of the service worker clichés. We realize that among the various people who may to come to your house for various service needs, some are always late, others are disorganized and messy, and a few have difficulty forecasting just how long the job will take.

When you moan to a friend about your displeasure with a service the response is often, “Well what did you expect?”

However, at Central we make it a priority to dissolve these clichés with exceptional service in every way. From the very first phone call you make to the very last goodbye, we strive to exceed your expectations.

Toward this goal, during 50 years of serving customers in Greater Boston, we determined that Upfront Pricing is the most fair and accurate way for our customers to be charged when we visit their homes.

For those of you not familiar with the term, let us explain. “Upfront” pricing is simply a fixed fee for a service. Time and other factors play no role. This means that you can have complete confidence that a service visit isn’t about to yield a surprise invoice at the end.

By its very nature a fixed price saves you money. For any given job a “set cost” has been developed in advance to include anticipated time and materials. If a job turns out to be more than we bargained for…well, that’s our problem, not yours. We also pass along some of our overhead savings from simplified paperwork to make the charge even more reasonable.

There are many other ways that upfront pricing can help you save. Here’s an example: we usually pair one of our newer mechanics with an experienced veteran. This “shadowing” is one of the best ways of teaching proper technique and best practices. But the cost to you stays the same — as if just one expert technician had visited your home.

Now, you may be wondering if this system makes technicians feel compelled to work faster and with less accuracy. At Central, we can assure you that it does not. We have trained our technicians to be deliberate and accurate. Working faster doesn’t improve our opinion of them — nor are they paid for speedy work. We know that everything comes full circle. Conscientious employees mean happy customers which makes for a proud company. If we weren’t providing the best service we can we wouldn’t be living up to our promise to keep you comfortable.

We know that repair costs can often be frightening — especially when you can’t be sure what price you’ll charged. With upfront pricing, you have peace of mind. And you can add additional security by joining one of our priority service plans. Check out the many options here.

No matter what kind of service you need, we are ready to give you the best value and quality! Give us a call today at 1-800-CENTRAL or shoot us an email.