Something important any homeowner with central air conditioning should know.

Many of our customers have air conditioning or heat pump systems that are powered by a gas called HFCF-22, more commonly known as Refrigerant 22. On January 1 2020 this ozone-depleting chemical will no longer be produced under mandates from the US Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocol.

What does this mean for our customers?

R-22 equipment which is in good working order will not necessarily be affected by this phase-out. But, both the price and the supply of R-22 for equipment needing service is unknown. Because of this, beginning on March 31, 2019 Central Cooling will will no longer be able to cover the cost of adding or replacing R-22 refrigerant under our Gold Service Plans.

For 51 years, we have been very proud of the comprehensive coverage our Gold Service Plans provide, but with the added risk and volatility in the future we regret being forced to make this decision.

Considering ever-increasing HVAC equipment efficiencies, a 10-to-15 year old air conditioning or heat pump system is far less efficient than a modern equivalent. With the added risk of the above mentioned phase-out, this may be the best time to replace your older R-22 equipment with a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative  — which will also save money on your electric bills all summer.

For our customers with R-22 equipment, we extend a 10% savings on equipment replacement if the installation is completed from January 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019. For customers with Gold Service Plan coverage, you can also add your Loyalty Points to complete system replacements: providing up to an additional $500.00 in savings.

We understand that you may not be sure whether or not your home’s air conditioner is affected by this. Contact us anytime if you have questions or if you would like a free quote on replacement equipment that meets the new standards.

As always, we appreciate and thank you for your business!