Central Cooling technician walking to his work van parked in the driveway of a priority service plan customer

Routine HVAC Maintenance: Savings from Every Angle

You know what changing the oil, and scheduling periodic tune-ups, does to extend the life of your vehicle…but did you know that the same is true for your heating and cooling system? Regular maintenance by a Central Cooling & Heating technician is the key to optimum efficiency and extended trouble-free operation. Here are a few […]

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Replace or Repair

Replace or Repair?

The upcoming winter can be a burdensome load for your home’s heating system. Is yours up to the task? For a homeowner who doesn’t happen to work in our industry, it can be hard to tell if their system is running efficiently — or headed for an inopportune breakdown. Our customers constantly ask us: “Should

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What’s that noise?

At some point all of us are guilty of procrastination. With the endless responsibilities of the holiday season we’re even more likely to think, “I’ll deal with that later.” Well, later has arrived and now that New England is experiencing a serious bout of cold weather you might be thinking, “I should have scheduled that tune-up on

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