Mass Save Rebates

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This state agency has partnered with regional energy providers to develop one of the best programs for savings on heating and cooling equipment in the nation. Central Cooling is a certified and fully accredited Mass Save partner — having met the agency’s stringent requirements for contractors.

2022 Residential Heating Rebates

Fuel Type System Type AFUE Rebate Amount
Natural Gas Furnace* 95% $750
Furnace* 97% $1,250
Furnace* w/ on-demand water heater 97% $950
Boiler 95% $2,750
Boiler w/ on-demand water heater 95% $2,000
Oil Furnace* 86% $650
Propane Furnace* 95% $1,000
Boiler 95% $2,300
Boiler w/ on-demand water heater 95% $2,000

Additional rebates: Heat Recovery Ventilator ($500), High-efficiency water heaters ($100-$800), Thermostat controls ($25-$100), Boiler reset control ($225)

* units eligible for rebate must contain an Electronic Commutated Motor (ECM)

Air conditioning & heat pump rebates

System Type SEER EER HSPF Rebate Amount
Mass Save-qualified Central Heat Pumps 16 10 9.5 $1,250 per ton
Mass Save-qualified Mini-Split Heat Pumps 18 10 9.5 $250 per ton

Rebates through December 31, 2022

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