Be careful about who you invite into your home.

At one time or another, all of us have invited service workers into our homes and, perhaps, hoped for the best. Whether we need to repair our plumbing, clean our carpets or service a dishwasher, it’s sometimes necessary that homeowners take a leap of faith on these visitors’ expertise and trustworthiness.

But what if that leap wasn’t necessary?

For many years, we at Central Cooling & Heating and Central Home Energy Experts have put in place a thorough screening process which we utilize for all prospective employees to ensure your safety and the quality of your service experience. Some applicants may be surprised with our lengthy process, but no matter the inconvenience it’s important to our entire team that we have confidence in our co-workers before we even begin to train them — let alone dispatch them to visit your home.

Our pre-employment screening starts with a full criminal background check which includes review of the Nationwide Sex Offender registry as well as both federal and county court records. For any applicant that will drive a Central Cooling & Heating vehicle during the course of their employment we conduct a thorough check of his or her driving record. We then administer an aptitude exam to be sure their knowledge and skill set is in line with the job they are seeking. Once an applicant has successfully navigated these hurdles, and has been offered a position here at Central Cooling, they are required to pass a drug test before employment commences.

Even after all that, employees who will be working on equipment at our customer homes undergo training at our “Central Academy” as well as at a regional Carrier Factory Training Center. This applies even to experienced technicians who have worked elsewhere. New employees without significant experience will spend many months at our Central Academy before “shadowing” our most experienced techs as they handle all types of service calls. Only after extensive training — during which time all of us here at Central Cooling have gotten to really know this person — do we send them on a solo call.

If we wouldn’t invite someone into our home, they most certainly shouldn’t be allowed into yours. Don’t take a risk with the protection of your home and your loved ones. Use a service contractor who follows strict procedures to make sure their team is the best.