Snow Covered House

Avoid a Spring Disaster

Freeze-proof your A/C lines before the harshest winter days and nights.

The cold is finally settling in and winter is (almost) upon us. Each day the wind chill increases we become more and more grateful for our home heat.

However, as our HVAC equipment is quietly keeping us comfortable during the most frigid months there is an unseen danger that could ultimately lead to costly repairs.

If you have air conditioning equipment (such as an indoor air handler) that is exposed to the colder winter temperatures in attics or other unheated spaces, we strongly recommend freeze-proofing the AC condensate drains in the system. Otherwise, these drains could freeze during cold winter nights.

Every winter and spring, our service technicians are busy repairing condensate drains that have failed or are cracked and leaking. What’s worse is often the cracks are nearly undetectable: meaning that they might not be spotted during a spring air conditioner tune-up.

Last winter, cold temperatures during President’s Day weekend resulted in numerous calls for emergency service of these drains. Our crews were working overtime!

The best solution — and the best way to preserve your expensive HVAC equipment — is to have our service technician freeze-proof your attic AC drains in late fall or early winter. The service can be performed for as little as $60 per system if conducted as part of an annual heating inspection and tune-up.

New England winters can be intense, but they don’t have drain your bank account. You can go enjoy the snow this winter with the family with the peace of mind that as it melts more than grass will be uncovered.

If this service interests you please call 781-933-8288 extension 1, and we’ll be happy to schedule a visit to your home. Temperatures are dropping…don’t delay!