Football on a 50 yard line

What does Tom Brady and Central Cooling have in common?

(Hint: we each have ten of them)

This past Sunday, when Tom Brady took to the Super Bowl field for the 10th time, those of us at Central Cooling who weren’t on the roads serving our customers were at our homes, in front of our TVs, celebrating the remarkable career of a football legend. But we were also celebrating a very big 10-time achievement of our own.

Last week, Carrier Corporation announced that Central Cooling & Heating has been awarded their exclusive President’s Award for the 10th year in a row. This is Carrier’s highest annual honor, recognizing the race Carrier residential dealer who exemplifies leadership in management, customer satisfaction, technical expertise, business growth and operational excellence.

Sorry, Tom. Your 10 Super Bowl appearances weren’t consecutive, like our President Awards. Still, you reached an amazing achievement — made all the better when your team took home the Vince Lombardi trophy at the end of the evening. Too bad it wasn’t the Patriots. But ouch, it still hurts so we won’t digress…!

There’s a particular affection around the offices of Central Cooling for team sports such as NFL football. We think we know why…and the word is right there: TEAM. We love the family concept, and we love applying it to our everyday lives. Here at Central Cooling, there’s a deliberate focus not on a “company,” but on our team. A team of well-trained, dedicated professionals who put their all into each working day. We do it out of pride, to support each other, and to meet the needs of our customers like you.

For 2021, we hope to accomplish what is necessary to achieve Carrier’s highest honor again next year. And yes, Tom Brady could perhaps take a crack at it, too.