The Best Thermostat

When you wake up in the morning the bedroom seems to be freezing cold.

When you’re leaving for work the hallway seems to be an inviting pathway of warm breeze.

The living room is chilly in the evening…but when you go to bed you rip the covers off like it’s the middle of the summer.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Regulating your home’s temperature can be difficult. Often we over-adjust the wall thermostat in hopes that the room will “just get warm fast” when we’re uncomfortable — and end up paying for these drastic adjustments.

Still, we don’t want to leave the thermostat high when we’re not home, padding the end-of-month utility bill. If only there were a way to be comfortable and save money.

This is why Carrier has brought us the new “Cor” thermostat. It can do everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

With the Cor’s full-color touch screen, intuitive prompts, weather, and internet access, you’d honestly think you were purchasing the next iPad. But this high-tech device controls your comfort instead of your connections. It provides specialized information about energy usage, tips for improvements, and week-long plus vacation programming to control your comfort.

If your system includes a Carrier heat pump and a furnace, the Cor’s energy smart design works with Carrier’s Hybrid Heat® system to help you save money.

Early tests have show that with a Cor thermostat, homeowners saved an average of 20% on their heating and cooling energy costs.

While we at Central admire all Carrier products, if I had to pick just one this would be it. It is the key to controlling the comfort that your system is capable of providing for you and your family.

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