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A Win-Win Situation: Decrease Your Energy Costs AND Your Carbon Footprint

Energy costs are on everyone’s mind these days. Gas, oil and electric utility bills can be a heavy burden to bear — but not an unavoidable one!

The staff at Central Cooling & Heating can offer real energy saving solutions, such as:

    • replacing your existing system with higher-efficiency equipment
    • installing systems that employ greener and renewable energy sources
    • providing high-tech options for designed to conserve energy and save money

However, if replacing your entire system simply isn’t in the budget at the moment, we can offer some economical changes that can have a big impact on your energy usage and your bottom line. Such as:

    • replacing your boiler’s existing circulator pumps with new, maintenance-free “smart” pumps can cut the electrical consumption of your heating system by 50% or more!
    • the addition of an “outdoor reset control” can vary the temperature of the water in a hot water heating system according to the outdoor temperature. For every three degrees you lower the water temperature, you will realize a 1% fuel savings. This quick-fix translates to between 5% to 15% total fuel savings annually!

If you’re thinking of replacing your existing equipment with an innovative and high-efficiency system, there are all sorts of substantial rebates and incentives you can find on our website.

Let us at Central Cooling and Heating evaluate your system and provide you with a free consultation regarding new ways to lower your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Call us today at 1-800-CENTRAL to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate, or click here.